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The Week We Searched For- October 8, 2010

Facebook Groups

Facebook announced its new Group feature on Wednesday that will enable users to compartmentalize their friends list, allowing them to better control who sees what and whom. The new service comes, in part, in response to a year of heavy criticism about Facebook’s privacy controls (or lack there of). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted to the problem, stating, “You want to interact in different groups and share different things with different sets of people. We have made it pretty easy to share with everyone or just your friends, but for many people, just your friends isn’t private.” To read more about Facebook Groups and critique on the new product, check out Ryan Singel’s article on Wired.com [1].

Android Gains Marketshare

ComScore reported [2] this week that Google’s Android system gained 5 percentage points across the smartphone market in August 2010, improving its shareto 19.6%. Apple still beat out Google’s system with a 24.2% share.

Microsoft and Adobe’s Secret Meeting

The New York Times [3] reported on a high-level meeting between Microsoft and Adobe executives, which has sent rumors flying about a possible deal between the two to team up against Apple, and sending Adobe shares up 11%. Apple blocked Adobe’s Flash Video player on iPod and iPhone in the spring, after Steve Jobs published his now famously long-winded vendetta against the video player.

Shira Ovide, from the Wall Street Journal [4], authored an interesting article in response to the meeting, suggesting that Microsoft is not the best partner for Adobe in their fight against Apple, but rather Google. As a growing competitor in the smartphone market, Ovide argues that Google presents itself as a useful ally.

Bitl.ly Picks up $10 million in Investments

Bit.ly [5], a beloved link shortening website among Twitter users, announced on Thursday that it has successfully raised an additional $10 million in its second round of funding.

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