The Week We Searched For- October 15, 2010

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AOL and Yahoo Deal (RUMORED)

The Wall Street Journal reported this week a possible deal between AOL and a handful of private equity firms, looking to make an offer to buy Yahoo. Both AOL and Yahoo have struggled in recent years to compete against Google. As Jessica Vascellaro states in WSJ, “A combined Yahoo-AOL would have greater scale to compete in online advertising against industry juggernaut Google Inc. While both companies draw huge amounts of users, their advertising businesses have struggled as they’ve faced competition from a range of websites. The scenarios being discussed are similar to ones financial firms have discussed before. Yahoo and AOL discussed a merger in 2008, as Yahoo weighed a $45 billion takeover offer from Microsoft Corp. Microsoft eventually pulled its bid.”

For more on the rumors that have been flying around and for a perspective on how an AOL-Yahoo merger could affect search, check out Greg Sterling’s article on Search Engine Land.

Facebook and Bing Team Up

Microsoft unveiled some big changes to Bing this week with an announcement that it had teamed up with Facebook to provide more personalized search results. Bing will be adding a “Like By Your Friends” option to its search results, which will provide personalized results, as long as you are signed into your Facebook account.

Bing is also planning on incorporating public information, i.e. location, education, work, friends, from your friends’ Facebook accounts into its results page. The new search results is expected to launch sometime over the next week.

For a look at how this could affect Bing in its fight against Google and more on how the agreement will affect Bing’s SERP, check out Jonathan Allen’s post on Search Engine Watch.

Google Reports 3Q Earnings

Google announced its third-quarter results on Thursday, revealing that its shares climbed $55, roughly 10 percent, to $590.93. Google’s net income increased 32 percent, falling just short of analysts’ estimates. For a more in-depth look at the specifics of the announcement, check out Susan Campbell’s article.

Since the announcement, rumors have been circulating across the web as to where the search giant will turn its attention next. Some are predicting that Google will place more of its energy into display and mobile advertising revenue streams, which CEO Eric Schmidt referenced in his announcement as having shown ‘significant momentum.’

Apple’s Stock Reaches $300 Per Share

Apple seems to be on a roll at the moment. The company’s stock surpassed the $300 mark for the first time on Wednesday.

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