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Google Instant Update: Blue Arrow

Google introduced [1] several new features to instant search last week, including expanding instant search to several of its vertical search options, like News, Videos and Blogs, launching the service in twelve new countries, and introducing new keyboard navigation features. One detail of the new services that’s been easy to overlook is the new blue arrow appearing next to the top search result. The subtle detail is part of Google’s expanding keyboard navigation features. The blue arrow can be moved by pressing on your keyboard’s ‘up’ and ‘down’ navigation keys, and arrowed results can be selected by holding down on the enter key. [2] The blue arrow also appears next to Sponsored Ads, prompting the question of whether or not the #1 paid search position just became even more valuable. [3] Although a subtle addition, it will be interesting to see whether Google’s new blue arrow points to a shift towards more mobile friendly navigation features.