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Google In-Page Analytics Connects Metrics with Visuals

Google recently announced [1] a new addition to their analytics suite: In-Page Analytics. The feature is a vast improvement of their previous site overlay tool. Google In-Page Analytics allows you to view relevant page metrics associated with any specific segment of traffic all the way down to the keyword level.

These metrics are superimposed over the actual live page and then you can navigate through the site from there as the data refreshes and follows you from page to page. You can also open up a separate tab in your browser outside the interface for a full view with the metrics.


My immediate thought is that I can use this tool to see where users are clicking depending on what resolution they have running on their monitor. It will also be interesting to see click locations by entry keyword. Lots of possibilities.

The feature is still in beta, but it shows a lot of potential. It is designed to help users more effectively correlate traffic metrics with individual site page elements to help make better optimization decisions.

For more information and possible use cases, take a look at this video from the Google Analytics team:

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