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What New Twitter Means for Online Marketing

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Twitter marked September 14th “the big day” as they rolled out the beginning phases of the rollout of the new Twitter. This is a major redesign and has some important effects on both SEO and SMM.  Here we discuss some of the key new features and possible implications on online marketing.

Two Pane View

The main interface is now divided  into two panes: left and right. The left contains a new never-ending stream. The right pane allows for more in-depth viewing of content. This new setup allows users to dive deeper and discover more easily. This opens floodgates to discovering new tweets and users based on content, links, hashtags, and geolocation.

Although this makes the interface cleaner for the general user, community managers will most likely stick to third party community management utilities such as Seesmic or Hootsuite. The new interface lacks the ability to manage multiple communities in one centralized location. Furthermore, Twitter’s analytics still are not near what they could and should be for business use.

View rich media content

Twitter has established partnerships with a handful of photo and video sites. As Google is moving towards more blended results, high ranking photos and videos will be crucial to an online marketing strategy. So, now that these sites are reinforced by Twitter’s reach, being present and optimized on these sites will become a key tool in the online marketer’s tool belt.

Overall this will result in less need to click out of Twitter as all media content can now be viewed onsite. What does this mean for marketers? If you create interesting content, users will be more likely to interact with more of it. This should also give sites more reason to integrate the Tweet button on video and photo content.

Additionally, if your business is in ecommerce on sites such as Etsy, users will now be able to view products directly from Twitter.

One outstanding question is whether these pictures will be indexed from within Twitter or whether they will simply reinforce the strength of the pictures ranking in the partner sites such as:

  • DailyBooth
  • DeviantAR
  • Etsy
  • Flickr
  • Justin.TV
  • Kickstarter
  • Kiva
  • Photozou
  • Plixi
  • Twitgoo
  • TwitPic
  • TwitVid
  • Vimeo
  • Yfrog
  • YouTube

Content Discovery

Twitter will now begin thinking for you (Twitter: the new Bing decision engine??). When you click on a Tweet for more information, you will also be able to view content related to the author or topic.  This includes @replies, tweets by the same user, and tweets from the same geo area. One interesting aspect is also the ability to view tweets that link to the same link, which could hopefully reduce spam as bots will be more quickly exposed as inorganic. Interesting that Twitter has instantly found a way to beat Google instant at its prediction game by one upping it with real time.

Content shared from a peer is more trusted than paid advertising. If users become aware of a product or service through an organically generated tweet, the trust and possible  conversion will presumably be higher than discovery via paid media.

Never-ending Streams

Twitter was the original live search. Twitter users instantly find information on very timely content and now they can more easily discover more content. Add to this never-ending stream of content the new richness and depth of discovery and Twitter’s utility as a real-time search engine increases significantly.  This places 160-million-user strong Twitter next to YouTube in the most valuable SMERP category and should be thought of so when organizing an online marketing strategy.

See Hashtags in Right Pane

Now, when you see a hashtag in the left pane, you can click through to see other tweets using the hashtag on the right pane. This will mean that appropriate and optimized hashtag use can help your tweets be seen more quickly and easily by more users. Using overly generic or underutilized hashtags could have you losing out on these extra views.

View Profiles Alongside Tweets

I’ve always thought that one roadblock to attracting more followers was the lack of ease in seeing a user’s profile. Sure you  could click through, but the more clicks it takes to complete a desired action, the less likely it will happen. So, now that a user can easily see a profile, find out the feed content is interesting and follow the user, more following that will happen.

Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts make it seem like the Twitter team had tech savvy users in mind (I’m not thinking a light internet user would be as interested).  For some reason the keyboard shortcuts make me imagine there is an easter egg hidden in there (up up down down left right left right a b maybe?).

Has new Twitter been rolled out on your computer yet?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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  2. HATA says:

    Couple of years later, a few things have changed on twitter but this is still a good post. Too bad you are not writing anymore kate


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