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What do Google, Double Agents, and Freestyle Rap Have in Common?

I’ve always enjoyed the work of Aaron Goldman.  His columns [1] on MediaPost are insightful and witty, and his presentation style at conferences is engaging and entertaining.  He’s a guy who clearly knows what he’s talking about, but is always approachable and regularly seeks input and ideas from the community.

He’s a great example of how to build your personal brand.  He regularly puts out thought-provoking content on multiple sites, maintains a dialogue with his audience, and occasionally makes them laugh.  And, as you’ll see in the video below, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Aaron details many of these ideas in new book, Everything I need to Know About Marketing I learned from Google [2] and certainly puts them into practice in his approach to promoting it.  He recently embarked on a worldwide (web) “blog tour” in which he creates a unique 5-minute video for each of the blogs he visits.  For The Search Agents, Aaron goes over 3 key lessons from Google that any marketer should have taped up to their wall:

Check out the video, look for the shout-outs to a couple of our top Agents, and consider what new mediums you can use to promote your brand.  Maybe Agent Algo [3] needs to launch his own blog tour….

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