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The Week We Searched For- September 3, 2010

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Advocacy group attacks Schmidt and Google privacy

The California-based consumer group, Consumer Watchdog, has purchased space on a jumbotron in Times Square for the holiday weekend to display a video that criticizes Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt and the company’s current privacy policies. The video is part of Consumer Watchdog’s “Don’t Track Me” campaign, which is pushing for new government legislation to help protect online consumers and search users. According to Jame Court, president of Consumer Watchdog, “We’re satirizing Schmidt in the most highly-trafficked public square in the nation to make the public aware of how out of touch Schmidt and Google are when it comes to our privacy rights.”

Google releases a new version of Chrome

Google released version 6 of its Chrome web browser on Tuesday, marking the browser’s second anniversary. Since 2008, Chrome has captured roughly 80 million users and an estimated market share of 7.5 percent. For more information, check out Paul Mah’s article on FierceCIO TechWatch.

Music industry welcomes Google music

According to a post on the LATimes blog this week, Google, which is currently developing an online music service, is receiving a warm welcome from the music industry. Rumored talks with record companies would give Google the latitude to offer specific products across their Android platform and online, which could possibly reduce Apple’s grip on the digital music market.

Apple, Facebook and Ping

Apple made its entry into the social networking market this week with their new music-based social networking site Ping, and with it caused quite a stir. The service was supposed be integrated into Facebook’s platform, and would have allowed users to share music tastes and purchases with their networks. The integration failed, however, and it now seems that Apple and Facebook could not agree on terms for Ping. This topic has been widely discussed across the blogosphere, so make sure to check out Miguel Heflt’s article on the NYTimes and Ben Popper’s article on BNET for more information.

Blogs to check out:

  • Claire Cain Miller’s article YouTube Ads Turn Videos Into Revenue takes a new look at YouTube’s revenue structure and the possibilities of video advertisement.
  • Greg Sterling’s post on Search Engine Land covers Google’s new mobile ads, which are designed to take users directly from search to store.
  • There has been a lot of talk this week about Apple’s press conference. For a more critical take on Apple’s conference and its planned projects, check out Eliot Van Buskirk’s article on Wired.com, which outlines the 5 reasons Apple is (still) boring.

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