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Google Ranks as ‘Most Engaging’ Media Outlet

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NewMediaMetrics, a company that researches consumer loyalty, released a study this month that looks at the relationship between consumers and media consumption to determine which media outlets have the most ‘engaged’ users. What’s noteworthy about NewMediaMetrics’ findings is that digital media outlets, e.g. Google, iTunes and Facebook, ranked higher than traditional television and print platforms in customer engagement. The study ranks Google Search as the most engaging media outlet, followed closely by AOL email, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon.com.

To get these results, NewMediaMetrics conducted an online study, asking 3,019 participants between the ages of 13 and 54 to grade their brand and media attachments on a scale from 0 to 10. Central to the study is the assumption that consumers who say they are attracted to a particular platform are 50% more likely to pay attention and buy from that brand than ‘unattached’ viewers.

What’s even more fascinating than the results of the survey is the variety of media platforms it highlights. It begs the question, is the act of searching for something on Google comparable with writing an email, watching television or buying an album on iTunes, or are we comparing apples and oranges?

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