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Use SEO Techniques to Dominate Your Fantasy Football League

A great way to plan out a winning strategy for fantasy football is to take a look at the winning team from last season.  The majority of leagues offer an archive where you can look at week-by-week scores from the past fantasy season.  Records from past fantasy seasons can be accessed by clicking on your current team and then your fantasy profile.

1.  Study the winners:  Which players were parts of the championship team last season?  (There is a high chance that Chris Johnson will be there.)  Taking players from the champion’s old roster will anger them and force them to make picks out of their comfort zone.  While not all players retain the same value from year to year, there are some that perform well beyond their draft day expectations.


2.  Look for high-quality organizations:  In SEO, these sites can provide you high-quality links.  In fantasy football, high-scoring teams can produce high-quality players that may slip under the radar.  Take a look at the teams that these players came from and the offensive situation.  If those teams have lost key pieces to their offense, then look for teams with the same type of situations.  Also take a look at playoff teams that sit star players during the fantasy playoff season.


Teams that have clinched a playoff spot will turn the offense over to the second string in order to rest their studs but players on teams competing for a playoff spot can provide great value.


Strength of schedule and division are important factors to consider when facing a tough draft day decision.  Below is a chart showing the divisions that allow the most points.  When selecting players it is ideal to have both bars as high as possible. Last year’s highest scoring division was home to top scoring QB, Aaron Rodgers and Vikings RB Adrian Peterson.


3. Keep a Balanced Profile: Position player ratios are a very important factor for any fantasy team.  Be sure to check and see if the winning team was heavy in wide receivers or running backs and replicate the strategy. An uneven amount of running backs to wide receivers can result in some frustrating draft day dilemmas.  Always have players to fill in for bye week absentees.


The large number of metrics in football make in-depth SEO style analysis valuable in fantasy. Each player can be treated as an individual backlink that works together to help rank a page or site. The competitor tracing strategy is just one of many SEO techniques that can be applied to Fantasy Football. Test and see what works best but be sure to always go into draft day with a solid plan and backup plan. Best of luck to all participants in the 2010 Fantasy Season.

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