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The Week We Searched For- August 27, 2010

Germany Announces New Privacy Controls on Facebook The German government announced [1] this week a new bill that will ban employers from snooping on potential employees’ activities on Facebook and other social networking sites that are not specifically oriented towards professional networking. The bill also includes a measure that will prevent employers from secretly video taping their employees. Google Devotes a Page to Real-Time Search Google has devoted [2] a new page of its search product to real-time search results, which index updates from Twitter and other social networks. Google has been paying Twitter for updates for almost a year now, but this is the first effort Google has made to specifically highlight real-time results. Google Introduces Gmail Voice Calling Google introduced [3] its new Google Voice service this week, allowing users to ‘chat’ for free with other Gmail users. After its launch on Wednesday, Google tweeted that over a million calls were placed within the first 24 hours. To read more about Google’s new service and for a complete analysis of the motivations behind the new service, check out The Economic Times’ article “Google Opens New Line to Internet Phone Calls.” [4] New Netflix iPhone App Netflix released [5] a new app this week, making it possible for users to update their queues from their smartphones. CollegeOnly Social Network A new social media network has emerged behind the shadow of Facebook, CollegeOnly. CollegeOnly was designed by Josh Weinstein, the creator RandomDorm and GoodCrush, specifically for university students. In an interview “Facebook has changed — for the better — but its original use case is currently unserved, as college students are less likely to upload photos or post what they are up to with parents and potential employers looking on. As such, we realized that the opportunity to ‘connect student bodies’ wasn’t just romantic, but social.” [6] Blogs to check out: Ad Auctions are Not Auctions [7] The Search Agents’ Bradd Libby has authored another insightful paid search article, which outlines the ways in which paid search auctions differ from typical auctions. Google’s Nine Year Shopping Spree, Illustrated [8] Alexia Testosis authored a great article and graphic this week that charts the history of Google’s acquisitions over the last nine years. Keep Facebook Places From Driving You Crazy [9] Feeling overwhelmed by the number of recent Facebook Places’ updates? Paul Boutin authored a blog, offering some helpful tips on how to navigate your way through Facebook’s new service.