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The Week We Searched For- August 13, 2010

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Are Google and Verizon Killing Net Neutrality?

Newsweek published an article this week, rounding up the industry’s key opinions on Google and Verizon’s net neutrality proposal, which suggests dividing the internet into two proposed spheres- the private and the public. Although the proposal has to first be cleared by the Federal Communications Commission, net advocates, like Jeff Jarvis, Ryan Singel and Larry Dignan, are already vocalizing their frustrations.

Wired.com also reported that local net neutrality activists are planning to meet at Google’s Mountain View headquarters on Friday at noon to protest against the Google-Verizon compromise. According to the Free Press spokeswoman Liz Rose, “We are trying to show that the public is against Google and Verizon’s plan to turn over the internet to corporations”

Google Adwords to Roll Out Updated Keywords

Google said this week that it will be updating its ‘old’ Google keyword tools –Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool- by the end of the month. Google’s new service will combine the two ‘old’ tools and seeks to offer “flexible search options, easy keyword refinement and results filtering by word or keyword match type, as well as advanced options for mobile and local searches.”

Book your flights via Facebook

Delta became the first airline this week to allow customers to book their flights directly through its Facebook page. Users can book their travel plans directly through Delta’s “ticket window,” elevating the need to exit Facebook.

Google to Sell Television Ads

Google announced on Wednesday that will begin selling ads for cable networks carried by DirectTV. As Kelly Riddell notes in her article on the SFGate, Google made 96 percent of its $6.82 billion dollar last quarter from Internet advertising. A push into the television market could be seen Google’s attempt to diversify its activities.

Twitter Introduces Tweet Button

Twitter introduced a new feature on Thursday called a tweet button, which will enable users to share links directly from websites. Currently users have to go through several steps of copying a URL, shortening it and then posting it on Twitter before it gets shared. For more information on the tweet button, check out Nick Bilton’s article on the New York Times technology blog.

5 Tips to protect yourself on Facebook

Sharon Gaudin authored a great guide this week to protecting your privacy on Facebook. Her article retraces this Facebook’s privacy controversy and argues that despite the changes Facebook made to its privacy policies, most users have not changed their settings.

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