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The Week We Searched For- July 16, 2010

Google Announces Android Apps Made Easy

Google announced on Monday its new tool, the App Inventor for Android, which is designed to enable non-programmers to create apps that will run on Google’s smartphone operating system. Although many bloggers are claiming that this could be a massive game changer for Google’s struggling Android and the mobile realm at large, I suggest checking out Eric Lai’s [1] blog on ZDNet, in which he questions the promise of DIY programming tools and takes a hard look at Android’s future.

Google Tops Revenue Expectations, but Profits Fall Short

Google grew [2] both revenue and profits in the second quarter, surpassing revenue forecasts, but falling just short of profit predictions. Google generated $6.82 billion in the quarter up 24% year-on-year. Net income was at $1.84 billion, at $5.71 per share, while on a pro-forma basis, net income was at $2.08 billion, or $6.45 per share, falling short of the $6.52 predictions set by financial analysts.

Microsoft Improves Facebook Integration with Outlook

Microsoft’s Social Connector plug-in was updated [3] this week, now allowing users to access messages, photos, wall posts and more from Facebook within Outlook. Microsoft has been steadily adding social media platforms to its Social Connector plug-in, starting with LinkedIn, MySpace and Twinbox for Twitter.

Facebook’s Mobile Usage Increases by 50% Since April 2010

Facebook’s mobile user base has reached an astonishing 150 million users, up 50% from April. Increasing their mobile base is an integral part of Facebook’s growth  strategy. As Eric Tseng stated in a presentation at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2010 conference in San Francisco. “We want to turn this whole mobile platform into a Facebook. Mobile is fast becoming our growth lever. As we begin to continue to expand, we’re starting to go into geographies where phones are the predominant way you access the web. Mobile is a way we can get users to be aware of and engage with social services.” [4]

Google’s New Matchtype Goes Global

Google announced on Wednesday that its new broad match modifier will be implemented globally across most languages. The global launch was approved after a successful open beta test in the U.K. and Canada that began in May 2010. To read more on how this could impact your PPC campaign, check out Alex’s Campbell’s article Adwords+ New+ Matchtype. [5]

Must Read Blog Articles:

Google’s Latest Move Toward Social Shopping [6]

Paul Burani authored an article this week on SearchEngineWatch that discusses the new emphasis Google is placing on seller ratings in their advertisements. These ad extensions, Burani argues, not only give incentive to advertisers to adhere to Google’s best practices , but will also provide Google’s engineers with a better understanding of user search behavior.

Apple Snapping up Small Tech Firms [7]

As Ryan Kim notes in his article, Apple does not have, unlike Google, a track record of aggressively collecting small tech firms, that is, until recently. Only six months into 2010, Apple has already purchased it’s sixth company. Although they haven’t revealed the overall strategy behind these acquisitions, Kim points out in his article the one consistent theme: mobile.

Twitters Early Bird Ploy Takes Flight [8]

In an article published on the Wall Street Journal tech blog, Amir Efrati reviews Twitter’s @earlybird’s first week out in the advertising world and takes a closer look into the advertisers that have already jumped on board.

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