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Monetizing Twitter with @earlybird Deals

Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 by Print This Post Print This Post

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Since its inception, the internet community has long wondered how Twitter could possibly prove itself as a sustainable business model.  The first hint of progress came just three months ago when Twitter first introduced Promoted Tweets.  Certain sponsored tweets would automatically bubble to the top of the search results for a given topic, providing companies with the desired visibility, and fans with a subtle, yet useful advertisement.  A handful of sponsors signed on for the roll-out of this new feature. Twitter correctly valued brand experience over profitability when considering how to approach the tricky question of monetization.  By respecting their users, Twitter solidified their position as an online community and not a marketing tool. Now Twitter enters the second stage in their monetization strategy with @earlybird deals.  This new handle was created to promote special deals and bargains.  Twitter will collaborate with organizations to offer special, internet-only deals that are en vogue these days.  These deals will appear normally in the timeline to those who choose to follow the @earlybird handle. Twitter allows individuals and organizations to coexist in the same forum, and with the exception of promoted Tweets, there has not been any method for businesses to rise above the noise.  For better or worse, we shall see how Twitter manages their seemingly conflicting desires to make money while promoting a pure brand experience.

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