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Measure the Conversion Rate of SEO Landing Pages by Keyword

Most online marketers consider landing page optimization to be an exercise only for paid media. Thanks to some new features in Google Analytics, there is a great way to measure the effectiveness of SEO landing pages all the way down to specific keywords and associated metrics.

This data can give you powerful insight into how SEO landing page recipes should be adjusted in order to better serve certain keywords sending you free organic traffic. Here is how you can find this valuable data:

Step  1: Find high traffic SEO landing pages with bad bounce rates

  1. Within Google Analytics, navigate to the Top Landing Pages Report (Content > Top Landing Pages)
  2. Change your advanced segment to Non-paid search traffic
  3. Look for a page you want to test with high bounce rates


Step 2: Copy the URI of the page you would like to analyze

  1. In this example, I chose /search-marketing-glossary/return-on-advertising-spend-roas.html because it is getting a lot of traffic but 90% of users are bouncing from the page.

Step 3: Go to the Keyword Report (Traffic Sources > Keywords)

Step 4: Add the “Landing Page” secondary dimension to the report


Step 5: Add an Advanced Filter to the Report

  1. Dimension: Landing Page
  2. Containing: (the URI you copied) for this example it is /search-marketing-glossary/return-on-advertising-spend-roas.html


Step 6: Analyze this report data and look at your KPI’s.

Many marketers are intrigued to see their conversion rate per keyword based on the SEO landing page. Any goal you have set up can also be analyzed at the keyword and landing page level. Look for valuable keywords where performance is suffering and consider adjusting the page or creating a new page to perform better on those keywords.


About Richard Schneider

Richard has over 5 years experience in the web development and internet marketing industry with extensive experience in web analytics, SEO, SEM, and social media. He started his internet business career by launching a photography blog and social network that now attract close to 200,000 visits per month and serve over 1 million page views per month. Originally joining TSA as a search engine optimization analyst, Richard is now helping the company expand its web analytics services.