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Video – Is it the key to online conversion?

Posted on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 by Print This Post Print This Post

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Video seems to be the new kid on the block for landing page optimization. It’s definitely the hot topic of conversation with most of my clients. Clients ask me if I believe adding a video to a landing page experience will improve conversion. As much as I wish that were true, results have sometimes shown otherwise.

I have been asked so many questions about the effectiveness of online videos. Does talent matter? Does the production of the editing matter? To be honest, these questions are missing the point. Your video can have the best production value or the best talent, but if you do not address the reason to the watch the video on the page first, you can actually hurt conversions.

Why should your visitors watch?

The truth is none of your visitors start with a reason to watch your video. You are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Your page must give a value added reason for every action you ask your visitor to take. The same applies to video.

Rule #1: Never assume that viewers will automatically be drawn to your video.

Keep in mind that videos can and often do present potential annoyances to your visitors. Understand that your visitors are likely asking themselves these questions when a video is present:

  • How much time will this take?
  • Will this video have any good information?
  • Will it slow down my system and lead to technical difficulties?
  • Will it be too loud (for the office)?

So what is the best way to get a visitor to watch your video? Simple, give them a value added reason to do so. For example, maybe the value of the video is that visitors can get all the information of a page in less than a minute without having to read anything. Or perhaps the value is that you can see and hear a demo of the product or testimonials from other people who have used it.

Rule #2: Always be testing (videos too)

I understand it takes time, energy and money to redo videos. It’s not as easy as testing buttons, or headlines, trust me I get it. But I assure you it’s worth it.

About Christine Kim

Christine Kim is a Senior Account Manager with the CPO (Conversion Path Optimization) team at The Search Agency, working to help clients optimize their post click activity through a combination of marketing and best practice design tactics. When not hard at work optimizing landing pages for clients, you can bet she’s mulling around the TSA snack room – counting calories!

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One Response to “Video – Is it the key to online conversion?”

  1. Serge Pon says:

    Christine, thank you very much for your hints, I would like to add that I am working a lot with videos, and I have experimented a lot in this field, I can say that visitors watching videos better, than there is special information provided, such as : video length, general topic information, attractive preview and many comments with opposites opinions.


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