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The Week We Searched For- June 4, 2010

Zong Offers New Solution for Andriod One-Click Payment

In an interview with New York Times reporter Nick Bilton this week, David Marcus, Zong’s [1] chief executive officer, reported that the software company has developed a new payment solution [2] that “will make it easier for developers who design applications specifically for the Android platform to charge mobile customers and will make quick purchases possible without having to go through the painful process of entering credit-card numbers or billing information on a mobile phone.”

Marcus also explains in the article that a payment solution option for Android phones could boost their popularity, particularly in comparison with Apple’s iPhone. On the topic of smartphone competition [2], Marcus adds, “The Android platform is going to surpass the iPhone in market share over the next five years.”

Yelp and OpenTable Team Up

According to a press release [3] issued by the popular review site Yelp, users will now be able to make a dinner reservation while visiting a restaurant’s Yelp profile using OpenTable.com [4]. Yelp users won’t need [5] an OpenTable account to make reservations, which works with more than 13,000 resturants in the US.

Mark Zuckerberg Fuels Privacy Concerns

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook now infamous chief executive officer, made another public blunder this week. After weeks of criticism regarding their privacy policy, things were just starting to looking good for the social networking site. Last week they released their latest privacy update, which was met with limited criticism. Unfortunately for their corporate image, Zuckerberg did not handle the topic well in conversation this week at The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital Conference. [6] According to the tweets and blog posts [7] from audience members, Zuckerberg struggled to give definitive answers regarding Facebook’s privacy policy. Instead, he sidestepped questions and broke into a heavy sweat. John Paczkowski [8], who blogged lived from the conference on the All Things Digital web site, wrote, “My God, Zuckerberg is literally dissolving in a lake of his own sweat. He is visibly flushed, and you can see the beads of sweat rolling down his face. Could this be his Nixon moment?” Nixon moment or not, Zuckerberg’s latest PR fail could further irritate those concerned with Facebook’s privacy policy.

Apple vs. Microsoft- A Corporate Drama

Last week Apple surpassed Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company. Since then, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, has been gloating about his massive win against Microsoft, which has prompted Steven Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, to defend his company’s honor. At the D8 conference this week, Jobs predicted [9] that the PC would die out and be replaced by tablets and smartphones. Ballmer defended [10] Microsoft’s technology saying, “I think people are going to be using PCs in greater and greater numbers for years to come.”

Twitter Adds “You Both Follow” Feature

Twitter added a “You Both Follow” [11] feature to its site this week, enabling users to check common followers they share with other users.

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