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The Week We Searched For- June 25, 2010

Google and YouTube Continue to Dominate Growing Online Video Viewing

ComScore released its May 2010 research [1] on online video viewing on Wednesday, revealing that YouTube continues to dominate the growing arena of online viewership. According to the report, YouTube showed 14.6 billion videos in the month of May, accounting for 43.1% of the 34 billion total videos viewed this month by 183 million Web users. Hulu ranked second with 1.2 billion videos, followed by Microsoft, Vevo and Viacom.

Facebook Introduces New VP of Global Policy

Facebook announced this week [2] its hiring of Marne Levine, former chief of staff of the National Economic Council, as its new VP of Global Policy. Levine, who will be based out of Washington D.C., will oversee Facebook’s relationships with international governments and organizations, representing the social network’s interests on copyright, children’s security and privacy issues.

Twitter to Experience More Outages During FIFA World Cup

Since the start of the FIFA World Cup two weeks ago, Twitter has experienced several system outages due to increased traffic from soccer fanatics across the globe. Users are warned [3] to expect several outages during this weekend’s biggest games- Germany vs. England,  U.S.A. vs. Ghana, and Argentina vs. Mexico.

Google’s Android Winning Traction in App Development

According to a report in BusinessWeek [4] on Wednesday, Google’s Android system is winning in the ongoing battle over app developers. According to a survey conducted by Appcelerator, the Android is experiencing the most promising long-term potential among smartphone operating systems. Although Apple’s iOS system continues to dominate the smartphone sector, Android operated devices acquires 100,000 users daily and, according to researcher Garnter Inc., the Android will surpass iOS as the world’s second most popular operating system by 2010.

Google to Enter Music Business (Rumored)

This week rumors emerged that the search giant Google may enter the music industry and produce a subscription based service to compete with Apple’s iTunes. According to Scott Morrison from the Wall Street Journal, “Google Inc. is preparing to roll out a music download service tied to its search engine later this year, followed by an online subscription service in 2011, according to people familiar with the Internet giant’s discussions with the music industry.” [5] According to an article published in Rolling Stone [6], Google’s music service is rumored to focus heavily on a shift to the ‘cloud’ computing system. Rather than accessing music through services like Rhapsody [7] or Spotify [7], Google’s service may enable users to access music via remote servers in an open, search-like environment.

Twitter Settles with FTC

Twitter reached an agreement [8] with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) this week in a case over Twitter’s privacy policy. Charges were brought against the micro-blogging site last year, when Twitter allowed hackers to view private “tweets” and send fake messages from the then-President elect Obama’s, Fox news’ and others’ accounts.

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