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The Week We Searched For- June 11, 2010

Google Spruces Up Design

This week, the green monster of jealously reared its ugly head with Google’s homepage design looking suspiciously similar to another search engine’s – Bing. Google’s typically white background exploded with vivid photographs this week, as Google attempted to spruce up its typically minimalist style. The style apparently confused, and even outraged, several users prompting Google to drop the switch. [1]

No More ‘Tweets’ in The New York Times

The New York Times standards editor Phil Corbett [2]banned the term “tweet” from articles in the publication. According to Corbett, “Some social-media fans may disagree, but outside of ornithological contexts, “tweet” has not yet achieved the status of standard English. And standard English is what we should use in news articles.”

Twitter Acquires Analytics Company

Twitter acquired the analytics company Smallthought Systems’ Trendy [3] this week. Smallthought System’s technology enables website owners to access information from their Google Analytics account. Their technology will be integrated [4] into Twitter’s own analytics system and will be used to develop new products.

Yahoo Expands Facebook Integration

On Monday Yahoo announced [5] further Facebook integration features that will enable users to link their accounts across networks. The integration also includes a new “privacy dashboard,” called Yahoo Pulse, that will make it easier for users to control how and with whom they share their data across both platforms. To read more about Yahoo and Facebook’s latest integration, check out Ryan Singel’s [6]article on Wired.com.

Twitter Outage

Twitter experienced several outages this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Users were served an automated message from Twitter’s whale mascot stating, “We are experiencing site availability issues — additional latency and errors — this morning. We’re working to address these issues.” [7]

Facebook Continues to Receive Criticism Regarding Privacy Policy

For weeks now Mark Zuckerberg has been heavily criticized for his apparent apathy regarding users’ privacy rights and the flaws in the social media network’s privacy policy. Although nothing new happened this week on the Facebook privacy front, the blogosphere has been erupting with new criticism.

Here’s is some of the must-read commentaries on Facebook’s policy and Mark Zuckerberg’s public image:

1. Rich Jaroslovsky authored an article this week on Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek website entitled Facebook Founder Has Nothing to Hide Except Privacy Blind Spot [8], in which he poses the question, “Just what is it with Mark Zuckerberg and privacy?”
2. National Public Radio’s [9]book review of David Kirkpatrick’s newly published book The Facebook Effect that investigates, among other things, the impact of Facebook on internet privacy norms.
3. Nicholas Carlson takes a look at all the ‘stupid things’ [10] Mark Zuckerberg has said to date regarding Facebook’s privacy.

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