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Our anonymous search agent finally has an identity.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a story and took the time to vote in our first annual “give-the-search-agent-an-identity” contest.  We had over 20 nominations and 200+ votes on the blog.

Congratulations to Chris Stout for penning the winning entry:


As an infant, Agent Algo had a speedy crawl rate and showed an early interest in dayparting. His youth was spent in the silos, where he labored over the long-tail and lived on a sparse diet of cookies and breadcrumbs. With time, his white-hat work ethic and desire to improve usability gained him notoriety in a variety of verticals.  Focused on relevance and revenue, Algo decided to become a search agent. As his multivariate talents and link popularity grew, he developed a unique, cascading style that earned him plenty of impressions. Though he’s flattered by impressions, Agent Algo prefers results.

And if you don’t care for his name,  he says, “You can call me Al.”

Stay tuned for his ongoing adventures…

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