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Bing Entertains – Can Microsoft focus on one cohesive strategy PLEASE?

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How do you compete with Google, without being Google?

You become more like Yahoo!

Today, Microsoft announced the addition of a very un-search-engine-like entertainment portal at http://www.bing.com/entertainment.

Rather than traditional Google simplicity, Bing’s entertainment page is much more reminiscent of the Yahoo! entertainment portal and is probably a good harbinger of what Microsoft is planning to launch to compete against Google’s market domination.

However, is this really what people want?

Bing said 76% of users polled “want one online destination for entertainment options to eliminate clutter,” and I concur. I’m just not certain that under the Bing brand is the best place for it to appear.

Microsoft appears to have a little schizophrenia about their offerings too.

Within the Bing Entertainment interface (and as the roll-in to the first video I watched), Bing is promoting “the new MSN” which, funny enough,  *also* has an entertainment section!

Microsoft’s own users “want one online destination” so why offer two?

MSN Entertainment

Bing Entertainment

I certainly believe Microsoft’s domination of the desktop and browser via their operating system offers them a chance to dominate valuable and profitable verticals online, unfortunately this Bing addition illustrates the strategic difference between Apple, with a singular focus, and Microsoft, whose strategy appears to be “throw a lot against the wall, and see what sticks.

Although I’m a big believer in trying new initiatives, Microsoft needs to focus to avoid consumer confusion.

After spending a massive amount of marketing dollars on the Bing brand, it would be prudent (and just plain intelligent) to support those efforts with a singular brand strategy and singular online destination.

Because, Microsoft… that’s exactly what 76% of your prospective audience really wants.

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