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The Week We Searched For- May 7, 2010

The Week We Searched For- May 7, 2010

Google Gets a Facelift

Google gave its search results page (SERP) a makeover this week, adding a ‘search options’ column to the left hand side of the page. Veteran searchers will recognize the three-column style from Ask.com and, most recently, from Bing and Yahoo’s site changes in 2009. The new ‘search options’ column allows users to explore their search either by refining the category, testing related wordings or venturing off into related searches.  To read more about Google’s most recent changes, check out Danny Sullivan’s article on Search Engine Land. [1]

Digg to Lay off 10% of Workforce

In an email sent out to company employees this week, Digg’s CEO, Kevin Rose, announced the company’s plan to lay off 10 percent of its staff. Digg, a user-driven social news site, has struggled over the past several years to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, which have both succeeded in acquiring large, influential user bases. For more information about Digg’s decision, check out Nick Bilton’s article on the New York Times Tech Blog. [2]

Facebook’s Privacy Confusion Continues

Facebook’s new social plugins [3] have generated a lot of buzz recently, but recent system failures have cast light on many users’ longstanding concern about the security of their private information.  In the most recent gaffe, users were granted access to protected data in their friends’ accounts, such as chat conversations.  Facebook’s cryptic security settings and new products focused on information sharing are  causing some discontent amongst the Facebook masses. [4] Curtis Silver authored an interesting article on the topic this week on Wired.com, discussing the legitimacy of ‘data security’ [5] on the Internet.

FCC Proposed Increased Regulation of Internet Providers

The Federal Communications Commission continued their conversations this week about the definition of internet providers in regards to telecommunication companies. Julius Genachowsk, a chairman on the board, proposed defining internet service providers as telephone companies; a decision that would grant the FCC more authority over the broadband industry. [6]

U.S. Running Low on iPads

Apple retail stores in thirteen U.S. cities have reported that they have sold out [7] of all three versions of the iPad 3G. The demand for the iPad continues to exceed the supply, as Apple sold its millionth iPad on April 20.

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