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You’ve seen him around.  Standing off to the side, eyes averted, huge head, no neck, chicken legs.  Who is he?  And where did he get that sweet fedora? Now it’s time to find out. The original Search Agent celebrated his first birthday on Monday and we've decided to give him the greatest gift of all... the gift of life.  We have five finalists in our "Give-A-Search-Agent-an-Identity" contest.  And you, the fans, will decide who he really is. Take a look at the choices below. and then VOTE!  No hanging chads, no write-in candidates.  Simply type the name of your selection in the comment box at the end of this article. Voting will close at midnight PDT, Wednesday, June 2. And the nominees are.... AGENT ALGO As an infant, Agent Algo had a speedy crawl rate and showed an early interest in dayparting. His youth was spent in the silos, where he labored over the long-tail and lived on a sparse diet of cookies and breadcrumbs. With time, his white-hat work ethic and desire to improve usability gained him notoriety in a variety of verticals.  Focused on relevance and revenue, Algo decided to become a search agent. As his multivariate talents and link popularity grew, he developed a unique, cascading style that earned him plenty of impressions. Though he’s flattered by impressions, Agent Algo prefers results. ___________________________________________ AGENT JOE In the heart of USA toiled a bright young man named Joe by night and day. He displayed a curiosity for the internet, in the vast confines of the World Wide Web, Ever since Google & Yahoo ruled the roost, he developed skills on SEO & SEM that made his wallet boost. He developed tools better than the Iron man, and his pace of growth was better than that of Superman. His spiders crawled through the web like there was no end, better than the Aztec civilization which eventually reached a dead end. Ever since Google & Yahoo ruled the roost, he developed skills on SEO & SEM that made his wallet boost. He dressed and acted differently and lived a life without a single inhibition, as his world opened up, he consistently beat out his competition. Standing sideways, eyes averted, fedora and coat in tow, Joe would change the world and put on a show. As he focused on giving search technologies a new face, the world knew a revolution in the World Wide Web was taking place. _____________________________________________________________ AGENT SAM Agent SAM Mystery man Was born a Southern Hick, Then went to school In Liverpool Where he studied Pay Per Click Agent SAM Humble man Doesn’t ask for thanks, Only cares For gummy bears And top page Google ranks. Agent SAM Inpatient man He hates a site that lags, He’ll toil at night To make it right With well positioned tags. Agent SAM Renaissance man Success is no surprise, Fedora skewed And attitude Your site he’ll optimize Agent SAM, Trendy man Who wears an orange trench, Helping some To number one He’ll always be our mensch. __________________________________________ AGENT SPECTOR They call me Spector, for I am “IN” the know on all things SEM and SEO. Repping for my colleagues at TSA They manage campaigns The right way. Been on the block for 7 years strong Campaign life, we’re sure to prolong. Dedicated to optimization, they’re constantly Searching for clues This Agency – is full of real gumshoes. So you out there, looking for the real deal Search Engine Marketing is this Agent’s meal. _________________________________________ AGENT TOM Full Name:  Thomas Sven Aguilera AKA: Orange Hat, Spider King, Silver Bullet, Searchlight, Turbo Speed Abacus The original search agent lives alone in Los Angeles, loves surfing, collects spiders, and has many “friends” online who are unaware of his true identity. His father was in the U.S. Special Forces and his mother was a dancer-turned-milliner who loved the color orange. He first worked for the Internet Engineering Task Force but left after a dispute over their website’s Meta data. Forever pursuing the best in SEO and SEM, he is currently investigating social media ROI, linking ethics, and PPC campaign finance reform. _________________________________________________________ His fate is in your hands.  Do the right thing, cast your vote in the comment box below!

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  1. Sansom says:

    Agent Aldo

  2. Sansom says:

    Agent Algo

  3. Kathryn Peters says:

    Agent Algo

  4. Tamana says:

    agent joe


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