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The Week We Searched For – April 9, 2010

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iPhone OS, iAd and Apple’s Latest Move into Mobile Advertising

Tension in the mobile advertising space has been brewing since Google snatched away AdMob, the biggest mobile advertising company, from Apple. With the advent of the iPad and this week’s unveil of the newest iPhone, the competition between the two media giants is bound to get interesting and, according to Apple founder Steve Jobs, Apple is in a position to win.

The game changer is Apple’s mobile advertising platform iAd that is built into OS 4.0. At a press conference on Thursday, Job discussed the fundamental difference between online search usership and on-the-go or mobile search. According to Jobs, mobile searches have less to do with engines, such as Google, and more to do with Apps that act as virtual landing pads across the internet. Jobs’ goal is to integrate advertising into apps, such that, as Jobs describes it “We have figured out how to do interactive video content without ever taking you out of the app… We think people are going to be a lot more interested in clicking on these things.”

For an in depth look at the other topics Jobs discussed on Thursday’s press conference at Apple’s campus, check out Brad Stone’s article on NYTimes’ Bits Blog, and for a perspective on the threat Google may pose to Jobs’ plans, check out Jessica Guynn and David Sarno’s article in the LA Times.

Murdoch Weighs in on iPad

Press mogul Rupert Murdoch weighed in on Apple’s latest product, the iPad, this week, stating that “Apple’s new gadget will save printed press.” According to Murdoch, the iPad could alleviate the high cost of traditional printing and delivery, while providing customers the mobility their seeking and keeping subscription fees steady.

Rather than posing a threat to print media, as some content Google’s News Search does, Murdoch concludes that it’s ok if there are fewer newspapers and more devices like the iPad out on the market. “It doesn’t destroy the traditional newspaper, it just comes in a different form.”

March’s Search Numbers

March’s US search share numbers were published by Comscore this week, revealing unexpected trends in the search market. Most surprisingly, Google’s share dropped nearly half a point to 65%, Yahoo gained a tenth of a point, and Bing gained more ground, improving their share to 11.7%. Across the market, Total US core search volume increased 7.6% Y/Y in March.

Twitter Continues International Expansion

Twitter reported this week that over 60% of registered Twitter accounts come from outside the United States. The percentage of international Twitter users has been growing steadily since June 2009.

FTC Continues to Probe Google

Federal regulators continued their investigation this week of Google’s proposed acquisition of AdMob, the mobile advertising firm, for $750 million. The committee’s primary concern is that Google is already an overly dominant force in online advertising and that it would be unwise to allow them to extend their reach into mobile ads.

Ryan Singel authored an interesting article on Wired.com that describes why blocking the acquisition would be misguided. According to Singel, there is already a healthy level of competition within the mobile market. He also highlights the fact that Google’s main interest in acquiring AdMob was to keep it out of Apple’s hands, which has a much more well-developed mobile marketing strategy, both in terms of technology and software. Be sure to check out Singel’s article and please comment with any opinions.

Newsworthy Blogs:

  • Antony Rajiv, one of our very own Search Agents, published a very interesting blog this week about the secrets of image search, in which he takes a look at the traditional approaches to image search and the issues relating to indexing images.

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