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The Week We Searched For- April 16, 2010

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Twitter’s Chirp

Twitter hosted its first developer conference called Chirp this week in San Francisco. The previously dubbed corporate toddler, Twitter represented itself at the conference as a polished, competitive industry leader.

Here are the highlights from the conference:

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Twitter released previously undisclosed stats about their user base and traffic.
    • 106 million registered users, who contribute 55 million posts a day
    • 75% of traffic comes from outside Twitter
    • Twitter’s site gets 180 million visits a month
  • Twitter tried to ease developers’ anxieties about their role in the future of Twitter.
    • Twitter attempted to put the app developers of over 100,000 applications at ease this week regarding their concerns over Twitter’s expansion plans. Up until this point in the history of Twitter, external developers have created the tools necessary to make Twitter a usable interface. From scheduling tweets, to posting photos or responding to customers, these applications have filled in the countless holes in Twitter’s otherwise rudimentary architecture.
    • Over the past several weeks leading up to the conference, Twitter made it clear, through their acquisition of Atebits the maker of Tweetie, that it intends to replace some of these external apps, either through purchase or by building their own.
    • Twitter’s suggestion to worried developers is to create applications that help people better understand what Twitter is and how to navigate it.
  • Focus on geo-location
    • Twitter also introduced it new service called ‘points of interest,’ which will enable users to include their location within their tweets. This tool will dramatically improve Twitter’s search services, as users will now be able to search for tweets according to location.  
  • Twitter introduces ‘annotations’
    • Twitter’s new annotations service shows which applicationwas used to write a post, as well as, where and when. This information will be embedded into the ‘metadata’ of the post.

Non-Twitter Related News of the Week

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