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A Celebrity Sighting

I flew back east yesterday and sitting in first class was one of the biggest superstars I have ever seen in person.  Mick Jagger?  No, younger.  Jennifer Aniston?  Hipper.  Justin Bieber?  Hotter.  It was the new iPad.  Sitting in row 1A.  The owner clearly knew he was carrying royalty – holding it in his hand and using it from the moment his body hit the seat.  Even his body language was that he was ‘cool by association’.  Every person that walked onto that plane looked, gawked, admired, asked questions.  Few had seen one in person; all had heard about it. From my perspective, it looked like an oversized iTouch and a Kindle combo.  YouTube videos are showing children using them with ease: Their generation will only know technology in touch form, e-books and instant gratification of seeing what they want, when they want it.  For now the iPad is a craze – over 300,000 sold in the first day – but over time, it will become a mainstay.  Price is reasonable, missing features are promised in later versions, it is a toy that compliments your phone, iPod, laptop.  But most of all … it is cool.