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The Week We Searched For- March 5, 2010

Omniture and Facebook Extend Partnership

Omniture [1] and Facebook expanded their partnership [2] this week with the goal to provide marketers with an effective way to market on Facebook. For now, the pair will focus on automating the ability to buy media and analyze data on Facebook; however, rumors have it that their partnership will be expanded in the future.

Facebook is in No Rush to Go Public

According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the social media site Facebook, is in no rush to take the company public. According to Zuckerberg, “We’re going to go public eventually, because that’s the contract that we have with our investors and our employees… (but) we are definitely in no rush.” [3] The article, a definite must read for the week, takes an imaginary look into a world with a publicly shared Facebook and offers an inside peek into the charming narcoses of ‘Zuck.’

Microsoft Releases Google Android App

Microsoft released it first application for Google’s Android smartphone. The Tag application [4], which is currently available for most other smartphones, is a bar-code reader that directs users to relevant Websites, reviews, contact information, and promotions.  The release has a definite competitive tone, as Microsoft seeks to further extend its mobile presence. [5]

Google Introduces Starred Search

Google introduced a new feature this week called starred search [6] that allows users to select sites from Google’s results page. The service then automatically archives the links into the user’s Google account bookmarks. According to Cedric Dupont and Matthew Watson, “With stars, you can simply click the star marker on any search result or map and the next time you perform a search, that item will appear in a special list right at the top of your results when relevant. That means if you star the official websites for your favorite football teams, you might see those results right at the top of your next search for [nfl].” [7]

AT&T Picks Yahoo over Google

Yahoo became the default search engine for AT&T’s first Android phone, the new Motorola Backflip. According to a Yahoo spokesman, “Mobile is a key corporate priority for Yahoo! and we are focused on making our personally relevant mobile Internet services, like search, available to the broadest audience possible on the widest range of devices.” [8] For a complete look into AT&T’s new product, check out Chris Ziegler’s article on Engadget. [9]

Google Wants Feedback on Buzz

After weeks of negative buzz from disappointed customers, Google has finally admitted its faults and is seeking user feedback and ideas on how to better the product. As part of this effort, Google has set up a forum on Google Moderator. Make sure to post your ideas! [10]

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