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The Week We Searched For- March 19, 2010

Facebook Co-Founder Launches new Start-up

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes launched the soft version of his new start up, Jumo, this week. The company, named after the Yoruba word for “together in concert” is a non-profit organization designed to match up people who want to ‘help the world’ with suitable organizations. In an interview with Fast Company, Hughes states, “We’ll be matching people based on their skills and interests with organizations around the world that need their input. It’s a discovery process that first matches then helps people build relationships then lets people share their resources.” [1]

YouTube and Viacom

YouTube accused Viacom of “roughing up” video content [2] this week in order to make them look illegitimate, i.e. illegally copied. The background to the story is a bit more complicated than mere name-calling, however. Viacom has an ongoing legal suit against YouTube for $1bn for copyright infringement. According to Viacom, “YouTube was intentionally built on infringement and there are countless internal YouTube communications demonstrating that YouTube’s founders and its employees intended to profit from that infringement.” The court is expected to rule in late April. Until then, we can sit back and watch as two media giants participate in dramatized mud throwing. As Eric Goldman, director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University, told the San Jose Mercury News, “It’s like a prize fight — they are both scoring points; they are both beating each other up. But instead of making money from the fight, they are paying to be in it. That’s really dumb.” [3]

Apple to Join the Geolocation Race?

Patently Apple uncovered Apple’s plans for a new location based social networking application [4] called iGroups. According to the patent application, the service will work directly with the iPhone, allowing friends or colleagues to stay up to date about their communities whereabouts and activities, similarly to MobileMe [5].

Google’s Chrome Gets Updated

The non-beta Windows version of Google’s Chrome was updated this week, which offers better privacy controls and automatically translates foreign sites. Check out Scott Gilbertson’s article [6] on Wired.com to learn more about Google’s improvements.


The social media site Foursquare [7] reported this week via tweet that they acquired 100,000 new members [8] in 10 days.

Google and China, cont.

The rumors regarding Google’s intention to remove its operations from China have continued this week. According to China Business News [9], Google is planning on pulling its operations on April 10.

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