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Twitter trends now local – microblogging goes high street

Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 by Print This Post Print This Post

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Twitter began slowly rolling out geo-targeting functionality for its microblogging platform and earlier this month launched to the global "Twitterverse." From the Twitter Blog: "As Twitter evolves, and more people share what’s happening in their own world, we want to provide another way for people to discover topics that may be relevant to them.... Local Trends exposes what people are talking about on the state and city level." What people are talking about? That's not all! Geo-targeted connections offers insight into what people are buying, doing, considering, researching and *desiring* on a local level, truly taking opinion and purchasing decisions to the virtual and actual high street. Looking for customers? Tweet local! Looking for businesses? Tweet street! Excited to see how hyper-local tweets will kick local retailers and service providers into high gear. For local business, a Twitter strategy is no longer optional.

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3 Responses to “Twitter trends now local – microblogging goes high street”

  1. Arun says:

    This is a good idea. what you think about the following idea.

    if there is something like “location base events microblogging” will it helpful for local business?

    they can post their happenings or event based on location and time in tweets. will it be good?

    • There’s already folks leveraging Foursquare and Twitter for event microblogging, though it’s not unique for an event (lists, hashtags aside).

      I certainly see an opportunity for a startup to provide event-specific microblogging services within an event itself (there’s probably a few I don’t know about already!) – There are ‘closed’ networks like Yammer who offer a product similar to “Company Facebook” which could easily be adapted for events.

      Challenge is whether most folks want to install *another* app unless there’s some immediate and residual benefit…


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