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The Secrets of Real-Time Search Success

I recently published an article entitled “The Secrets of Real-Time Search Success [1]” on iMediaConnection, a great resource for online marketers. While the concept of real-time search has been well covered in the SEO blogosphere since Twitter really took off in 2009, most of us assumed that the reality of real-time search was a bit further off. In the article, I take a closer look into the mechanics of real-time search, and investigate how content on blogs, news and social media channels are evaluated by the major search engines. Drawing on this information and our understanding of SEO and social media best practices,
I highlight the impact on traditional SEO strategy and offer a few tips for marketers to manage the content included in real-time search results. What’s been your experience with real-time search?  As a consumer, has it improved your search experience and brought more “relevant” results?  As a marketer, does the inclusion of up-to-the minute news, tweets, and blog posts represent an effective marketing channel, or will it end up causing more harm than good and make proactive reputation management an even bigger imperative?  Take a look at the article [2] and share your feedback.