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Search Engine Land Article: The Key to Top Video Rankings on YouTube and Google

I recently authored an article entitled The Key To Top Video Rankings On YouTube & Google [1] on Search Engine Land. In the article, I take a look at the question “Why do some videos rank well on Google but not on YouTube and vice-versa?” It may seem an odd question, considering that Google owns YouTube, but the answers are complicated and important for those of us in SEO to understand. Comparing Google and YouTube video ranking strategies, I attempt to break down the relevant information for marketers, offering advice on how to improve your approach to video optimization. The bottom line is that YouTube relies heavily on social interaction whereas Google depends primarily on a healthy back link profile. The best way to achieve both is via a robust social media and/or viral marketing strategy. For a more complete explanation on how to better you video rankings, check out my article on Search Engine Land. [1]