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The Week We Searched For- January 8, 2010

We start of the new year with stories from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where Google, Apple, Microsoft and more unveiled new technology, gadgets and plans for 2010. Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show Google Advances into the Energy Market Google applied for approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [6] this week to become an electricity buyer and seller. According to Google, their primary ambition is to widen their renewable energy options for their energy consuming data centers, as part of the company’s environmentally friendly efforts. [7] To read more about Google’s energy efforts, I suggest checking out Jeffery Marlow’s interview with  Bill Weihl [8], a.k.a. the “green energy czar,” who is in charge of Google’s renewable energy research and investment project. Google’s Nexus One Hits the Market In other Google news, their highly awaited smartphone has finally hit the market. The Nexus One boasts a 1 gigahertz processor, compared to the average 400 to 800 megahertz of other smartphones, a highly rated touchscreen [9] and, of course, a direct portal into the world of all things Google- gmail, search history, documents, contacts, etc. The verdict is still out, however, on whether Nexus One has what it takes to compete with the adored iPhone. The phone is available on Google’s site for $529 [10] without service or $179 with a T-mobile contract. If anyone’s tried it, let us know what you think! Apple Puts Forth Patent for Thinner, Brighter Touchscreens Apple filled a patent proposal this week for technology that would dramatically improve laptop and mobile touchscreens, making them thinner, brighter and smarter. To read more about Apple’s new technology and a detailed explanation of LCD-touchscreens, check out John Cox's article on Network World. [11] Apple Buys Quattro Apple purchased Quattro Wireless [12], a mobile advertising firm, this week, for a rumored purchase price of $300 million. The acquisition marks Apple’s first venture into the advertising industry and  improve their standing in the growing competition for the mobile ad market. With the percentage  of smartphones continuing to rise, [13]and no clear forerunner in the mobile advertising race, Quattro helps establish Apple as a viable competitor to Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.