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The Week We Searched For- January 29, 2010

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Apple’s Demos Their iPad Finally, after weeks of rumors, Apple introduced their new tablet computer, this week, the iPad. What’s most interesting about Apple’s release isn’t actually the product itself, as most of the features, apps and programs were all to be expected, but rather the overwhelming reaction from the blogosphere. After Apple’s announcement on Wednesday, bloggers across the web cast their judgments on the new device. Some have proclaimed that iPad will pioneer the territory between laptop and smartphone, while others are accusing Apple of making yet another overpriced, disappointing, gadget. Digg’s Founder Gets a Book Deal Digg.com founder, Kevin Rose, signed a book deal this week with HarperStudio to write a book about “the secrets of his success,” entitles One to One Million. AT&T Launches Buzz.com Forbes reported this week that AT&T is currently working on a local search site called Buzz.com, which will be based on user recommendations. Buzz.com is based on social network features, allowing users to suggest, rate and review local business, similarly to Yelp.com. While ‘social networking features’ automatically bring to mind Facebook, Twitter and Fourquare,  David Krantz, president and chief executive of AT&T Interactive, asserts that AT&T is not trying to building a new social networking site. Instead he says, "We're trying to leverage social graphs that already exist, so people can import them and build on them." Google’s Social Search Google introduced their Social Search service this week, which seeks to provide users with more socially relevant search content. The new tool will add links from your ‘friends’ on the internet, i.e. friends on social networking sites, to Google’s results.  To read more about how this change could affect the search industry, I suggest checking out Nick Bilton’s article in the New York Times and Juan Carlos Perez’s article on pcworld.com. Yelp’s New VC Investment Yelp announced this week that it will receive $25 million in Series E funding from Elevation Partners, which also agreed to purchase up to $75 million of stock from “vested employees and other eligible shareholders.” The investment will allow Yelp to continue to remain private. To read more about the details of the deal and more about why social networks seem determined to stay private, check out Scott Austin’s article. Twitter Local Trends Now Live Twitter’s Local Trends became live for everyone this week. The new feature allows users to set their location and see ‘what conversational Twitter trends are popular’ in their neighborhood. To read more, check out Barb Dybwad's article on Mashable.com.

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