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Google Caffeine, Are you Ready?

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If you are a search geek like me and some of my other counterparts at The Search Agency, you are awaiting the arrival of the first significant Google Algorithm update since 2006 with great anticipation.

There are also those for whom Google Caffein

e will sneak up on and they will be left asking, “What happened to my rankings?”  These are the people that will continue to look at Google and SEO as a great mystery.  For those of us that are paying attention, we have a unique opportunity to get out ahead and start preparing for Google’s new ranking factors.

Today, what we know is that much of the way in which Google scores pages will remain unchanged.  There are going to be some new factors added and greater weight put on others.  The new factor which has gained the most importance and attention to date is probably page load time.  This has been a factor in Google’s Quality Score for some time, so the need for webmasters to optimize for speed is nothing new.  Up until now, however, it has only been a critical factor for PPC.  The increased importance of page load time is going to present many challenges for webmasters, especially those that have large inventories of images which get stored on other domains.  When Google is required to switch back and forth from domains to download the full cache of the page, then overall page load times are going

to be very slow.  Examples like this as well as other things that bloat the weight of the page and require Google to use more of their resources to cache pages are going to decrease the score of a page.

Other factors which will continue to be relevant are content and high quality links.  What type of links are most valuable will continue to change as the search engines move towards links which are harder to game.  That will increase the importance of social media where the conversations that take place and how your brand is talked about will be given more weight in the algorithm.  Trust rank will also continue to be given more weight although Trust rank will be weighted with an emphasis towards sites that are relevant based on subject matter.

Google caffeine promises to change the way results will be displayed and is a key part of Google’s value proposition to deliver the best search results possible for their user.  Caffeine is a vital part of their strategy to provide Real Time Search, Personalized Search, Localized Search and better Universal Search.

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3 Responses to “Google Caffeine, Are you Ready?”

  1. graffiti says:

    You talk about the weighting of links within Twitter and other social media, how would this fit with url shorteners like bit.ly etc?

  2. Rick says:

    Google has been working on creating the ability to follow javacript links and redirect links like these. How they weight them is still unclear but with real time results they will need to weight these types of links so that they can determine how to rank the results and also to weed out spam.


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