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Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite SEO

5. Google Wave Invite

Google Wave [1]

I got an email from Google earlier this week telling me that I (finally) have invites to give away on Google Wave.  Whew, just in the nick of time!  I thought I was going to have to buy all my Google Wave Invites Xmas Gifts on ebay [2].

And how did Google determine that I should be given 27 invites?  They multiplied 9 by 3, obviously.  That was an easy algorithm to figure out.

4. A link from DMOZ

Your SEO friends are gonna love you when they find out that you’re AN EDITOR AT DMOZ!!!

According to their FAQ [3], it could take many days to hear back from them after you submit your application, so act fast!

3. Widget!!!

How better to shower your SEO with love than to give him/her the best SEO tactic of all time as a gift (see the example to the right)?!  Head over to your favorite free widget [4] shop and start cranking them out.

2. Reputation Management Problem

Let’s say you have a buddy named Frank Eybsen [5] and you notice the SERPs for [Frank Eybsen] [6] are fairly wide open (heck, even Whitepages.com is in the top 10 for that search).

Perfect!  Head over to knowem.com [7] and sign up for every last unattended profile, start a “Frank Eybsen’s Knitting Diaries” blog on WordPress.com, make a Frank sock puppet and throw some webcam videos up on YouTube, and laugh as Google Alerts start blowing up his inbox.

1. Reynolds Wrap

Reynolds Wrap [8]

As soon as the holidays are over, Google will be going live with their caffeine update [9], so it’s never too early for SEOs to start crafting their tinfoil hats.  And while you’re at it, you may as well help save the world if your local grocer carries 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil [10] (disclosure: affiliate link).

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