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Strolling through the SMERPs: 6 New Social Media Terms You Must Know

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Warp speed ahead, transporter and Klingon were once new lingo that any self-respecting nerd had to become fluent in using. Next came SERP, PageRank, and partner link. Everyone comfortable with all of these? Ok, time to delve into a whole new world of required geek terminology.

Social Media is the new frontier. It is that undiscovered galaxy just waiting to be named. There are all new beings, all new galaxies — Twitter , Ning, Outside.in.  And all new phrase guns — Knowem, SocialOomph, Quarkbase.  That means it’s time to get familiar with some lingo that will help us maneuver this uncharted territory.

This lingo is what we have come to use around The Search Agency. All of these new words have been born from necessity to discuss common social media happenings, many maybe even right here in the TSA office.

Must-Know Jargon: The Top 6 New Social Media Terms

SMERP: “Social Media Engine Results Page”.  This is my personal favorite (ok, yeah, I invented it.) SMERP is the social media version of the SERP in search. Social media searches are becoming undeniably key in social media. What comes up when a user searches for your brand on Facebook search? 53 pages with the official name and logo? What would a user find if they did a Twitter search for your brand? Are your videos ranking above the fold in a YouTube search? What appears in the results when you Google “[your important keyword] video”?

Landing Tab: Much like a landing page on a website, a landing tab is the tab which you set as your brand’s default tab on Facebook. Facebook has maintained strict limitations on what can be customized. A landing tab is the first and one of the only visual impressions potential fans have of your brand.  Here’s an example of the Facebook landing page for Napster. It is large space where you can entice, engage, and turn users into fans. This is the Facebook version of speed dating.

Fan Acquisition: Social Media is all about building an engaged community. Fan acquisition is the building of the community members. If there are no other members of the community it gets pretty boring. No one to interact with and worse yet, you feel like a loser for liking a brand that no one else likes. Fan acquisition is done by making creative content, an enticing fan page/ channel/ stream, and quality display ads. If you build it (well), they will come.

Property Management: The day-to-day management of social media properties. Tweeting, updating statuses, responding to comments, retweeting, and asset distribution are all  part of property management. A brand’s social media presence needs to be well maintained in order for users to be excited to interact with it.

Social Media Bait: Content or assets which are so awesome, users can’t help but share it. This could be a Facebook app, tweets, status updates, videos, photos, or blog posts.  When you create content and assets (http://twitter.jackjohnsonmusic.com/) with the benefit of the user in mind (rather than blatant self-promotion), they will most likely enjoy and share it.

Mashboard: A real-time aggregate of current brand or keyword mentions across various platforms. This one screen format allows you to see updated tweets, blogs, videos, photos, or just about anything very easily. It is an integral monitoring system for brand or industry sentiment , reputation management, and campaign success measurement. It is also a really handy tool to use when looking for quality information for your next tweet, status update, blog, or video.

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Hailing from the high desert where I began my love with all things shiny by working with film production. Abandoning my love for film for a “real career”, I started marketing and PR for a non-profit in Sacramento. Having lived from Europe to Central and South America, I can ask for a beer in any regional Spanish accent one can imagine. Settling in Argentina, I did social media marketing for an international tourism company for 2 years before landing in Santa Monica and The Search Agency.

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9 Responses to “Strolling through the SMERPs: 6 New Social Media Terms You Must Know”

  1. Think my favourite is “Fan Acquisition”. Thanks Patrick

  2. Or Hillel says:

    My fav is like yours: SMERP
    It like any other terms in the SMO field…

  3. Kate Shaw says:

    Hey guys
    Glad you like them. Yes Or, it’s pretty easy for those in the search industry to understand the meaning and importance of SMERPs.Now, the task is to apply this expertise to our SMO.

  4. Richard says:

    What about FBML?

  5. Kate Shaw says:

    Oh yes! Good one Richard. This is a term used almost daily here… FBML= Facebook Markup Language. Very similar to HTML, but with certain Facebook inserted twists.

  6. Barbara says:

    I live by a guiding principle of learning one new thing each day. Thanks for adding 6 today (7 if I add FBML from the comment section). Good information. It will be interesting to see which lexicon seeps beyond our four walls.

  7. Dr. S. says:

    As in all new frontiers, a scout & guide is appreciated. Thank you, Katie!

  8. I think SMERP works on a number of levels.

    An idiot follower on Twitter – “Social Media Twerp”

    An obnoxious & embarrassing Social Media campaign – “Social Media Burp”

  9. Xbox 360 Fan says:

    Cheers for the informative article – I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy looking at this blog. :)


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