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My First Week at The Search Agency

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I just completed my first week as the newest member of the SEO account management team at The Search Agency. I’ve worked for different SEO agencies in the past and I have to say, from my limited time here, I can certainly see some features that distinguish The Search Agency from other companies in the search space. Here are a few observations based on my first week with the company.

Collaborative Environment and Subject Matter Experts

One of the most striking features of The Search Agency is the collaborative environment that I’ve found here. This culture of cooperation is actually built in to each campaign.  TSA’s philosophy is to assign different Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to every client campaign. In addition to a dedicated project manager, each TSA client campaign is assigned an SME from SEO Architecture, Content and Linking. Each SME brings to the table a unique perspective and expertise in their specific SEO discipline. TSA makes sure that every client receives a team of specialists who work together to form a customizable and complete SEO strategy.

Solid Tools, Systems and Reporting

The Search Agency also employs proprietary tools, systems and reporting to ensure the success of each SEO campaign. When each campaign gets underway, TSA runs a proprietary spider that will index the various pages of your site. Acting like a search engine bot, this spider tool provides each client with a comprehensive look at how their site is viewed by the search engines. Any on-page errors or missing optimization opportunities are identified from the get-go, and strategies are developed to address each on-page issue in order to make each site more search engine friendly.

The proprietary spider tool is just one part of a detailed induction process. As soon as the client engagement begins, The Search Agency has systems in place to ensure that each project follows a regimented launch process. Each campaign follows a five-week induction period. During this time, the client’s goals are evaluated. An initial discovery process identifies new opportunities and sets a baseline for the project. Once we have a baseline and a clear understanding of each client’s objectives, our team of SMEs develops SEO strategies from a holistic standpoint. From link building to content/keyword research and SEO architecture updates, each SEO discipline is accounted for and integrated into a comprehensive campaign strategy.

Once the campaign gets going, The Search Agency has detailed reporting systems that help to track progress and identify additional areas for improvement. With in-depth dashboards displaying relevant data on various aspects of the project, each client can clearly track their SEO progress and measure that progress against the baseline reporting that was conducted during the initial induction process.

So after one week at The Search Agency, it’s clear to me that the systems in place create a disciplined, well-ordered approach to SEO. With proprietary tools, a structured induction process and detailed reporting, TSA makes sure that the objectives of each campaign are established and measureable. By putting together a team of different Subject Matter Experts, TSA ensures that each client can benefit from the combined knowledge of a bunch of smart people. I think that’s a great way to do business.

About Chris Stout

Chris Stout is a member of our SEO account management team. Chris first entered the world of search as a freelance content writer, banging out over a thousand optimized articles for a variety of verticals. After a couple of in-house writing and editing positions, Chris started managing different search engine optimization and web development projects. Before joining The Search Agency, he worked as an SEO project manager for two Los Angeles-based agencies. Chris likes to collect track jackets, watch football and stockpile funky records.

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4 Responses to “My First Week at The Search Agency”

  1. Kate Shaw says:

    Welcome Chris! We are glad to have your expertise and creativity to add to our team. I do, however, see a lack of mention of social media in your TSA description. Come on over to the SMM corner and see how we contribute to the SEO world.

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks for noting and writing about our process and structure. It has evolved over time, but we are really proud of the team and how they execute on behalf of our partners. Looking forward to having you as a part of the team’s success.

  3. The great thing about TSA is that the collaboration of a bunch of smart people really does produce something greater than the sum of the individual smarts :-)

    Welcome to the team Chris!

  4. Hung Slaton says:

    This really is really very good information, thank you so much .


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