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The Week We Searched For — October 9, 2009

Google’s Bagel and Cream Cheese Meeting on Wednesday

Google had a breakfast meeting [1] with reporters on Wednesday morning, in which they further articulated the company’s ambitions and responded to some recent disputes. Amidst cream cheese and lox, Google defended themselves against critics of their book plan and widespread coverage of  their recent outages, claiming that they seek to be inventors. [2] Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, also reiterated his belief that the worst of the economic crisis is over.

Twitter Outage and Other Tweeting News

According to Twitter, [9] Thursday’s outage was caused by a bug in one of their core servers. Thursday was a busy day for Twitter, [10] whose founders reportedly met with Google and Microsoft to discuss the possible integration of Twitter into their search engines. If these conversations lead to a deal, Twitter would not only become an even larger internet presence, but would also have a solid, i.e. more transparent, revenue model [11].


YouTube reached agreements with Harmonic [12], Telestream [13] and Digital Rapids [14] this week. The three companies produce software, which converts digital files, allowing media companies to transfer shows from television to the internet and mobile devices. YouTube and Google, which acquired the company in 2006 [15], have consistently battled with media companies about illegally uploaded content. Over the past year, these companies have stopped persecuting YouTube and have instead taken authorship of illegally posted videos, enabling YouTube to sell advertisements [16]. The profits of these adverts are split between media companies and YouTube. To read more about the how YouTube’s partnership with Harmonic, Telestream and Digital Rapids will affect the production of these videos, check out Miguel Helft’s article [17] in the New York Times.

The Bits and Bolts of the Week

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