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The Week We Searched For – October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Banner Ad!

October 27th marked the 15th anniversary of advertising’s first banner ad [1]. The original ads first appeared on Hotwired.com, one of the Internet’s first digital magazines.

Google Reveals New Music Service

Google formally announced their new music search product this week at a surprise roundtable in Hollywood [2]. Last week we heard the rumors regarding Google’s music plans [3] and their intentions to implement Lala’s and MySpace iLike’s streaming platforms. This week’s official announcement [4] emphasizes the role music plays in Google’s search data, accounting for two out of their 10 inquiries. The new product will allow users to search for lyrics, using Gracenote, and stream complete songs, thanks to Google’s newly forged relationships with Pandora, Imeem and Rhapsody. Outside of paid search advertising, it’s still unclear how Google plans to generate revenue from the product. To read about Google Music from the music industry’s perspective, I suggest checking out Glenn People’s article out of Nashville. [5]

Microsoft- Yahoo Deal Delayed

Microsoft and Yahoo had originally planned to finalize their deal by Oct. 27, but Tuesday came and went without any signatures [6]. In a joint press release, Microsoft and Yahoo blamed the delay on the complexity of the deal, particularly the revenue structure [7], and assured analysts that it would go through.

Microsoft Pulls out of Planned ‘Family Guy’ Episode

Microsoft has been called a lot of bad names by Family Guy lovers across America this week. Microsoft had planned to sponsor [8] a special episode of Family Guy, called ‘Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show’, as part of their giant marketing campaign to promote the launch of Windows 7. The episode was to air commercial free and include several Windows 7 related jokes. Ultimately, Microsoft decided that Family Guy’s content and Seth MacFarlane’s particular brand of wit were misaligned with Microsoft’s brand image. The episode is still up for grabs and it will be interesting to see who steps in to sponsor Family Guy. Check out Carl Dunham’s blog post [9], which discusses how television advertising is evolving to keep up with internet.

Zappos Teams up with ChoiceStream

Zappos is teaming up with ChoiceStream for the coming holiday season to service their customers with product recommendations. Although Zappos was purchased by Amazon [10] in the summer, the deal has not been finalized, explaining why Zappos isn’t tapping into Amazon’s sophisticated recommendation technology. To read more about the relationship and Zappos’ hestitant approach to site recommendations, check out Claire Cain Miller’s article. [11]

Facebook to Collect $711 Million in Damages

Facebook was awarded $711.2 million [12] in a damages suit against Internet marketer Sanford Wallace. Facebook filed anti-spamming charges against Wallace for illegally hacking into user accounts and sending out fake emails.

The Story of a Mouse’s Brain

O.K., so this last story doesn’t directly relate to search, social media, or online marketing, but it definitely belongs to the beyond. Researchers at the University of California San Diego just released their Whole Brain Catalog [13]. The anatomic archive serves to index all of the known information about the mouse brain. What’s so interesting about the catalog is that researchers from around the world can add data, by downloading a software application. Science seems to be taking user editing projects like Wikipedia or Google Wave to a new cerebral level. Participating scientists compare the project to Google Maps, explaining that the more data gathered and edited, the better the resolution and complexity of the 3-D model. To read more about the details of the project, check out Ashlee Vance’s article. [14]

Happy Halloween!

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