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The Week We Searched For – October 23, 2009

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Debate over Net Neutrality Continues in Washington

AT&T and Google may have officially become corporate nemeses this week, after the Federal Communications Commission pushed new rules forward that require internet providers to support slow connections. Google naturally wants AT&T and other internet providers to supply traffic equally, but internet access providers fear this could cut into their revenue. The political topic of net neutrality, an issue which President Obama addressed in his campaign over a year ago, seems to have become a battle between the old and the new- or AT&T and Google. To read more on the FCC’s draft, check out Saul Hansell’s article.

Bing and Google to Include Tweets in Organic Search Results

Bing announced this week at the Web 2.0 Summit their partnership with Twitter and plans to begin incorporating live tweets into their organic search results. Without missing a beat, the very same day, Google announced that they too had reached an agreement with Twitter and would start indexing tweets. To read more about how tweets will affect search, check out Alec Green’s crowdsourced reaction, which includes insight from some of our brightest ‘agents.’

Accenture Looks to Join the Search Field

Accenture, the tech consulting agency,  announced their plans to join in on the internet marketing industry. According to the Accenture, big companies are more eager to shift their spending to the Web and as technology improves, it is increasingly easy to serve highly targeted display ads. Their ambition is to use Adchemy’s technology to better cater to demographic information and optimize the post-click experience to improve ROI.

If Google can do it, so can Facebook. (Music that is)

Word slipped out this week that Google will venture into the music industry. Plans to include music in their search results are to be announced next week, but word is that the service will be powered by Lala and MySpace’s iLike. Facebook has also been toying with the idea of introducing music into their network and is in partnership with Lala. Facebook’s service will allow users to purchase music over their already popular gift store platform. I suggest checking out Richard Metzger’s article, which compares Lala to other peer-to-peer streaming services and questions why Google chose them over others to power their music service.

Bits and Bolts

  • Sergey Brin made a surprise appearance at a press conference at the Web 2.0 Summit on Thursday and expressed his disappointment that Yahoo is abandoning many of their revolutionary search features, such as its back-end crawling system.
  • Microsoft, together with Burger King, is launching a new promotion in  Japan. Burger King is set to release a Windows 7 Whopper, complete with seven beef patties and costing ¥777. It will also only be available for 7 days.
  • Reports suggest that Bing is growing, but at Yahoo’s cost, not Google’s.

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