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The Key to Paid Linking Revealed

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If you’re an SEO like me then you’re concerned with links. You’ve figured out that if the right links point at your site in the right way your rankings will improve. You’ve read a thousand blogs and gotten to know some our beloved linking celebrities and every one of them is yammering on about paid links. Paid links are good. They’re evil. They work. They don’t work. If you ever need fodder for another post you can always reach into the paid link grab bag of tricks. We all know who they are and we savor every word as if THIS TIME they are finally going to reveal the secret sauce. If we just keep reading, the truth will reveal itself almost like magic, not so much between the lines but amidst the controlled keyword density, along the edges of a well optimized H1 tag incredibly nestled between a set of words that has turned a commonly searched phrase into a literal metaphor for the hopes and dreams of the embroiled SEO himself! In my best Iggy Pop voice, “Just Gimme LINK JUICE!!!”

I digress. I was going to reveal the key to paid linking.

I hate blogging. I’m busy. Others have made blogging a part of their business strategy and I’ve recommended the same to many clients. If I planned to be an avid blogger I probably wouldn’t want to reveal the key to paid linking because well, what the hell would I write about tomorrow? If you knew the key to paid linking you probably wouldn’t even waste your time reading my blog! You’ve read the brouhaha from Matt Cutts, traversed the flip flopping hullabaloo of Rand Fishkin, basked in the empowering glow of Aaron Wall, and trembled at the icy chill of ex-Googler Vanessa Fox. What’s a budding SEO to do?

Remember the public speaking trick where you imagine everyone in the crowd in their skivvies? Just think of Matt Cutts as Santa Claus checking his list, Rand Fishkin as a yellow shoe, stove-top hat wearing carny, Aaron Wall in a teddy bear suit and Vanessa Fox, halo and all, preaching from a pulpit with the Google Logo descending like a dove into our very midst.

What do any of those people have on you?

Experience. Yes, that’s the key! Experience is the key to paid linking. Can you get that experience by reading their blogs? NO. You get experience through trial and error, through testing. Read the blogs, get the basics but then get out there and go for it. It’s the only way.

When all is said and done, link expertise comes from in-the-trenches-getting-your-hands-dirty experience, not from fear mongering, self-interested bloggers. Can paid linking get you burned? Yes! Can paid linking help make you competitive? Yes! Will experience teach you to walk the rough and rugged road? YES!

I’m going to get back to work now. Thanks for reading!

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Erik Freeman+ works in SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing, at The Search Agency - 11150 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 600 Los Angeles, CA 90064 as a Director of Search Marketing - Website: www.thesearchagency.com

Erik Freeman works on the Online Marketing team at The Search Agency His origins are in off-line marketing and web development but while in contemplation on the Himalayan steppes it became known to him that his true calling was in online marketing, SEO and promotions. He immediately joined The Search Agency’s SEO Department where he works today, driving strategy and forging new ground in the ever expansive web frontier.

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15 Responses to “The Key to Paid Linking Revealed”

  1. Frank says:

    I see what is going on here. Fishkin paid you to help him rank for ‘flip flopping hullabaloo’ didn’t he?

  2. Craig Cochrane says:

    How do you get a link from Carnegie Hall? Practice.

  3. Holden M. Caulfield says:

    In my best Iggy Pop voice:

    Anytime i want i got a right to move
    No matter what they say…I want link juice!
    Anytime i want i got a right to move
    No matter what they say…I want link juice!

  4. Dennis Yu says:

    Ah, the come-on where you never reveal the “secret” to paid links. Had me going there for a while! Might as well just run a LinkScape report on your sites and find out that way.

  5. Erik says:

    Dennis, are you suggesting that I’m intentionally obfuscating my methods in order to skew LinkScape data? Perish the thought!

    I do like the direction you’re moving with local search. Although I’m on the SEO side, would love to hear your thoughts. Place pages anyone?


  6. I noticed some website doing the stuff of paid links and they are well ranked on Google. Does anyone believe that Google has a way to know if a link has been bought on a website?

    • Erik Freeman says:

      There’s a simple rule of thumb you can follow. If you can tell that the links are paid links, Google probably can too!

    • Steve says:

      I really think it’s hit and miss. Some links are detectable, while others fall through the cracks.

      However, I do believe Google’s algorithm is more complex than most people give them credit for.

  7. The only parts of Google’s algorithm that I consider to be highly complex are the “manual” and “business development” parts of it.

    I tried for months to get a previously-parked domain indexed on behalf of a client, and the last-minute, scrambling solution was easy: contact the Adwords rep for the site and complain.

  8. Cheers for the information buddy. Im going to bookmark your page in Twitter if thats okay…

  9. SEO is constant evolving , can you let me know any more good SEO Blogs ?

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