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Google’s Synonym Search – the ‘Tilde’ Character

Ok, so most of us know that using our keywords in the tile, Meta descriptions tag and the content of the page is important, but what about the synonyms that goes with those keywords. Does Google look at similar terms on a page to help determine what that page is about? Well, I think the answer to that question is a resounding ‘Yes’. Let me give you an example. If I was to do a search for ‘Jaguar’, and I mean the cat not the car, I may search like this:  jaguar cat. When the results are returned, as expected, the keywords that are considered relevant to my search are bolded in the results in the title, description and URL if applicable. Notice from the screen shot that my search bolded “jaguar”, “cat” and “cats”.

jaguar [1]

However, if I use the tilde(~) character in my search, “~jaguar~cat”, now I am asking Google to give me results including similar or “synonymous” terms to the keyword jaguar and the keyword cat:

jaguar 2 [2]

As you can see, in addition to the keywords jaguar and cat, the results that are bolded now include bengal, pet, lynx and animal. Interesting, since I did not include any of those words in my search. Google is simply returning the ‘synonymous’ results for my original query.

In conclusion, maybe the next time you are optimizing your pages for certain keywords, don’t forget to run synonymous queries to add relevant terms to your pages. After all, this benefits the webmaster, the visitor and search engines.

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Rich Scaglione is an SEO Architecture Analyst for The Search Agency’s SEO Architecture team. Rich has worked in the SEO Field for the last 3 years. His past experience includes 15 years as a Network Architect and Engineer for Fortune 500 clients in NYC, designing and supporting LAN and WAN infrastructures. Rich also plays the drums and enjoys writing music in his spare time.