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A Wave Of Loneliness

Almost everyone here at The Search Agency works closely with Google on a daily basis.  So it will come as no surprise that many of us signed up to get into the Google Wave beta months ago.  Well, no one got accepted, except…me.

I was pretty excited when I received my invite email from Google on Thursday morning.  However, as I circled the office trying to seek fellow Wavers, I suddenly found myself in isolation.  My initial experience on Google’s new real time multi-user workspace was going to be a solo one.

All by myself...

I was happy to find that Google understood the importance of experiencing their new product with others and gave me the option of inviting eight friends to enjoy the beta as well.  After a quick game of Wave Survivor I choose my collaborators.

It is now almost 36 hours post-invites, and none of my carefully chosen friends has received any news from Google.  But in the spirit of exploration, I present you with The Top 5 Things To Do On Wave: By Yourself.

extensions5.  Explore the experience of using a wave. And just because you don’t have any friends on Wave doesn’t mean this has to be a one-sided conversation.  Get creative, create an alter-ego, and pretend like you AREN’T just talking to yourself.

4.  Watch the Google Wave videos. Google has dropped the developers that first introduced Wave at the I/O conference and has created Doctor Wave.  Ignoring your speculation of the authenticity of his doctoral credentials, Doctor Wave has created a handful of videos to help you discover Wave’s capabilities.  And the only thing better than using Wave iswatching some guy in a lab coat use it!

3.  Play Chess! A lot of videos featuring Wave had coverage of people playing chess within Wave.  I could probably play chess by myself, at least I would leave a victor.  However, from what I can tell, Chess is missing from the Extensions section.  Looks like we are limited to Yes/No/Maybe and Maps.  And it looks like I’m limited to the option of uninstalling or removing – which one will I choose!?!?

2.  Stare at the favicon. The Google Wave logo is pretty cool.  It is like a wave, but in Google’s signature colors (see: rainbow).  Staring at the favicon Wave logo isn’t exactly going to consume a whole day – but it is at least worth a couple of minutes.

1.  Ask your friends if they have received your invite yet. No, they haven’t.

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