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What’s in a name? Caffeine to give Google a little “boost?”

Nothing happens by accident! Certainly not in the world of hip branding and smart, cool software engineers.

So when Google announced its next generation of Google search, code named “Caffeine” I, for one, was inspired to learn the reasoning behind the what and why of their code name choice.

A bit of research of “caffeine” on “Caffeine” later, and I found a few interesting facts about caffeine the drug and its justification as Google’s lightning fast search engine update nick naming.

The effects of the caffeine on your mind & body

  1. Stimulant. Whilst it’s well-known that a ‘cuppa joe’ can act as a mini pep rally for your brain cells, it was documented recently [1] that Google itself is also a gymnasium for your mind. Older subjects of the study who searched and had prior Internet experience actually stimulated their visual cortex, the same area of the brain that’s active when reading a book. Bottom line, Google is a challenge to your thought processes, excercising your decision-making and complex reasoning ‘muscles’.
  2. Focus. Caffeine affects the brain and results in increased attentiveness, so theoretically a person can think more clearly, work harder and sound more intelligent. I’m not certain there’s a definitive test to demonstrate Google’s effectiveness in achieving and maintaining mental focus, I *DO* know however, that Google gives me the ammunition when discussing topics I would normally know nothing about. In fact… Google gives others the impression that I actually know a lot about everything!  Clearly, Google is using Caffeine’s focus attribute to infer every Google-user will be the focus of every party just by pontificating things like the age old question of “What’s the airpseed of an unladen swallow [2]?”
  3. Anti-Soporific. When taken before bedtime, caffeine can interfere with getting to sleep or staying asleep. I don’t think anyone doubts the effects of Caffeine to keep you up most of the night. A hot tea, a mug of coffee, or one of those NoDoz pills people often malign [3] can interupt a good night’s rest. For those insomniacs, what is the first thing they end to do on opening their eyes from a restless sleep? Fire up the laptop, of course! Coincidence? I think not! Whereby caffeine (the drug) stops you sleeping soundly, Caffeine (with a capital C) keeps you awake searching for an insomnia cure!

caffeine-insomnia-Google [4]

In fact, over 2,200,00 MILLION people search on the term ‘insomnia’… I wonder how many of those are at night?

A final thought…

Google’s Caffeine will be here soon. Geeks everywhere will be frothing at the mouth over the phenominal speed and relevance of the Caffeine results. Although I’m certain they’ll be many sleepless research nights, bump in party ‘know-it-alls‘ and scores of salient, savvy seniors, I doubt that the SEO hubbub will last for too long, and then even the Google marketing folks will be reaching for a few RC Cola [5]s to stay awake.

About Grant Simmons

Grant Simmons+ [11] is an Online Marketing Professional at The Search Agency driving product development & innovation as Sr Director, SEO and Social Product.

Grant has over 22 years experience in both traditional and digital marketing, working with such companies as; Paramount Studios, Countrywide Wholesale Lending, M&M/Mars, Disney, Napster, Warner Bros., UPS, SunAmerica, Red Bull, Young Presidents’ Organization, GE Plastics, Amgen and Fox Sports.

As an entrepreneur, Grant has been key to the successful branding, development and launch of several thriving and innovative Internet startups.

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