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Targeting Monkeys Through Cool Website Design and a Big Red Fez

Posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 by Print This Post Print This Post

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A colleague of mine was asking me about one of his 'after hours' projects today (at The Search Agency we're a family of entrepreneurs!) and showed me the mock up of his page design. Although modern, attractive, cool, hip, funky with a touch of drop shadow obsession, the site lacked a basic component of any successful online presence. Usability. Fortunately, my colleague is not a designer with hyper-stimulated maternal instincts who tend to snap as soon as you mention that their labor of love is actually an ugly stepchild. Luckily he was open to some constructive critique and took the book I offered him, a classic, not so modern, cool, hip, funky read (with no drop shadows what-so-ever) "The Big Red Fez" Though certainly dated, the book's main premise, that every site should have an easy to find "banana" and not a whole bunch of fruity choices, resonated with my colleague who popped his head back around the door jam after 5 minutes to say "I learned a helluva lot just from the first page!" Though accused of being a Seth Godin groupie, I have to recommend this book to anyone and everyone who has a website. It'll make it better. Final word. SEO may drive visitors to your site, but if they can't find the banana you might as well be targeting monkeys!

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