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New, Proprietary SEM Creative Testing Tool

The Search Agency [1] has historically employed a number of testing strategies to identify the best-performing marketing messages for our clients. However, as anybody familiar with SEM can attest, the number of variables involved in creative testing can make the process extremely challenging. Each group of ads is shown in rotation over varying sets of keywords that constantly change in bid and position, making it difficult for account managers to implement the sort of rigorous, controlled tests that produce real, actionable results for their clients.

For these reasons, Analysts and Editors in the SEM business unit have spent much of the last year drawing on their collective experience and expertise to design a new, proprietary Creative Testing Tool.

When designing the tool, TSA made the following assumptions:

TSA began testing the new Creative Testing Tool with clients at the beginning of the year with extremely positive results. Version 1.0 performs the following functions:

Results of an 82-day test for one TSA client showed that weekly use of the Creative Testing Tool resulted in a 30% boost in conversion rate for the ad groups in which pausing decisions were made. Version 2.0 of the Creative Testing Tool is currently in development, and will feature more sophisticated analytics as well as a simplified user interface.

About Chad Fifer

Chad Fifer has managed the SEM editorial team at The Search Agency for four years while also providing SEM account services for his own suite of clients. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Chad has worked as a writer and editor in the online space since the late 90s, covering such diverse fields as advertising, entertainment, insurance, medicine and politics.