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MSN Shopping + Live Search cashback = Bing Shopping

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Have you binged yet? If so, you probably have come across Bing Shopping [2]. Bing Shopping is the merger of two Microsoft shopping channels: Live Search cashback and MSN Shopping. While MSN Shopping has been around for some time, Live Search cashback was launched in 2008 only after Microsoft had acquired Jellyfish. So much for comparison shopping being an endangered species.

If you are unfamilar with the Live Search/Bing cashback model, Microsoft has provided a nice overview [3] of the program.

But Bing Shopping is more than just a combination of two platforms. There are a couple of new, very interesting features:

bing_02 [4]

bing_03 [5]

bing_04 [6]

Bing Shopping combines the previous listings from MSN Shopping (CPC) and Live Search cashback (CPA). If you have been feeding your products to either one of them, your products will already be listed with Bing. If you were feeding to both engines, then ONLY your cashback products are listed on Bing Shopping. Your cashback feed will prevent the MSN feed from being processed completely, even if it contains different products. According to a Microsoft statement at the Internet Retailer 2009 conference [7], they are currently working on a solution to enable a CPA and a CPC feed at the same time.

Asked about the future of ciao.com [8], the answer was very vague. So we can keep guessing how the future CPC model for the Bing platform will look like. In Europe however, the various Ciao sites have replaced MSN Shopping.

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