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5 Things That Rocked My Socks Off (this week)

1)      Facebook’s Fan Box widget

There are so many reasons to love this!  Getting fans on the initial launch (or anytime really) of a Facebook page can cost ad spend and time. With this widget, a brand’s official website can embed the widget, allowing site visitors to fan the Facebook page, all while staying on the site. The widget also shows how many fans the page has and recent posts. Creating a social media presence that integrates and supplements a brand’s website is vital and this widget makes it super easy with the high traffic from homepages. You can add the widget from your page under your profile pic and viola! You have the code to add to your site. Where was this widget over the last few weeks when everyone was trying to meet the minimum fan requirement in order to snag their pages’ vanity URL’s?

2)      Gmail is no longer Beta

No actual reason. It just surprises me that it remained beta for so long. This makes me believe that the God of Google may not be so omnipotent. Maybe, just maybe, they are still figuring things out over there.

3)      Starbucks Free Ice Cream App

Starbucks is promoting its launch of branded flavored ice creams via Facebook and hitting all the right spots. They have created an application in which they give away 800 coupons for free ice cream every hour until July 19th. Users enter in recipient info and are then prompted to publish the fact that they got free ice cream. This is a free way to access a user’s infinite network, all from the trustworthy user herself. Also, on the application page, there is the opportunity to fan the brand page, visit the website, and invite friends. Right on Starbucks! Now I just hope the free ice cream is as awesome as the Facebook campaign.

4)      Facebook’s Page Insights

Facebook is really stepping up the functionality of pages lately. In this newly added analytics, administrators can track their page’s total interactions, see a breakdown based on comments, wall posts and likes, and even check out the demographics of fans that were active this week. This is a kick-butt tool for general info, but more importantly for campaign metrics of audience reach, call to action success, and even geo-based breakdown.  Easy to use even for the less number/ tech savvy.

5)      That the “NoFollow” scandal has died down.

I don’t know if this one or the MJ-palooza was more overplayed. There was nothing good to read in the blogosphere since SMX Advanced and the “no follow doesn’t work” fumble. There are tons of ways around this and in SEO things are constantly changing. Our world does not crumble at a slight change. Skillful architecture and knowledge-based linking can take care of this with a little effort.

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