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What gets measured, gets improved

I was listening to a podcast [1] the other day and the speaker referred to this phrase, “what gets measured, gets improved”.

This is a really powerful statement that can be applied to business and life in general. The applications to online marketing are too numerous to count. Looking at our business, this truly captures the essence of what we have in integrated marketing. We strongly believe that the answers are always in the data just waiting to be discovered and optimized. This is true for everything from search to display to landing pages to feeds.

That is why the team here loves what we do. The Search Agency was founded on a core of optimization technology that to this day the company continues to enhance with over 100 man years invested in our core platform. Anything that we can get accurate, measurable data on, our team of experienced online marketers can then apply strategies and tactics to improve performance. The more granular the data, the more performance we can squeeze out of an online campaign. Take paid search for example, if we can get performance data for leads and sales or subscriptions at the search engine, keyword, match type and creative level, then we can ultimately drive to a target CPL or CPA based on an advertisers stated goals using our core optimization technology.