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Top 10 reasons you know your plumbers’ website is optimized to rank #1 (circa 1999 black hat SEO)

  1. The word 'plumber' appears 42 times in the first paragraph
  2. Your 'links' page contains 500 links with site categories such as 'Used truck parts', 'Beverly Hills real estate' and 'Dry cleaners'
  3. There's 120 words that coincidently match the exact same color as your page background
  4. Keywords Meta tags contain the words 'clean your pipes' and 'leaky faucet' in 72 different combinations
  5. Page description is "Welcome to our plumbers page for plumbers who plumb in our area. This plumbers page is very plumber-like so plumbers can get plumber information on plumbing easily."
  6. You have 50 inbound links from 'www.IDoNotSellLinks.com'
  7. The page code is *very* well commented <!--// plumbers content for leaky faucet starts here for plumbers plumbing //-->
  8. You have a large number of <noscript> tags that contain plumbing information, even though you have no scripts in the page
  9. Your Google analytics shows your traffic is generated by highly optimized single page 'doorway pages'
  10. You cannot find your plumber's website in Google (circa 2009)