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Tips for Starting a Blog

I’ve been blogging on EntertainmentBuff.com [1] for a little over a year now. I discuss industry-related news and rumors, review movies, discuss my own misadventures in Hollywood, and occasionally just talk about being an everyday movie-goer. It’s fun, particularly when I find a topic that really gets my creative juices flowing.

EntertainmentBuff [1]

There really are no hard and fast rules for blogging. You don’t have an editor or deadlines looming over you. That said, I have a few personal guidelines I like to follow:

Blogging has helped me develop a writing style that I’m no longer so self-conscious about. All through college, I agonized over every word I committed to the page. Now I’m more comfortable putting things down on paper. If you’re a writer or an aspiring to be one, you absolutely should be blogging. Get comfortable throwing your ideas out there, learn to deal with writer’s block and become more confident in your writing ability.

About Brad Lohan

Brad works in Search Engine Marketing and is also currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Screenwriting.